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Ag-Tech Research, Development & Technical services:

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Automated, Grassland-Weed, Spot Sprayer Technology

Our overall aim is to produce Retro-fit systems that can fit onto a wide range of sizes and makes of sprayer.

The first of our commercial kits will be available 2022/2023. 

We will shortly be seeking commercial partners and investors for this venture and welcome any interest.

Contracting Service

We provide our RUMEX contracting service to Central and SW Scotland farms.  

So far, our 2022 season spraying work has yielded (average) savings of £45/ha

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Weed + Clover Mapping

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Our technology Identifies Weeds (mainly Docks) and GPS maps where it spot-sprays these weeds. 

Soon, RUMEX will also Identify and map the location of Clover.  

Our plan is to offer this mapping as a part of the contracting service, aswell as developing a unique, large scale data-set of weed and clover locations. 

For the farmers and contractors this data could be used to change applications and operations:

e.g. Variable-Rate Nitrogen or Seeding maps for Clover


For research organisations and research projects this data-set can be used to analyse the factors affecting grass, weeds and clover populations/growth, when combined with other data/information sources, such as soil texture, nutrient maps etc.  

Video of 2021 Commercial Testing

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Our portfolio includes a wide range of technology projects:

-Robotic Vehicles

-Machine Autonomy systems,

-PWM nozzles systems,

-Computer-Vision software,

-CEA (Controlled environment growing systems),

-"Soft Robotics"

-Data management apps, 

-Weather stations, 

+ More

For more info on past and current projects, please contact us using the details below.    



Technical services to Agtech and Technology companies.

T-Tech are able to support a wide range of technology systems and projects, from development, through deployment and beyond.


  • Data Collection

  • Labelling

  • Software Dev

  • Hardware Dev

  • PCB Design + Build



  • Project Management

  • Design

  • Assembly

  • Manufacturing

  • Field trials

  • Product testing + Demonstrations

  • Product/Customer support + Servicing